Cannabis Manufacturing & Inventory Management Software

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The #1 Cannabis Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Software that integrates with QuickBooks and Xero

All in one Supply Chain Management Software for your Cannabis Operations

Inventory Management for Finished Goods, Raw Materials, Parts and Supplies

Easily Track Product Recipes, Cannabinoid Conversion Processing, Inputs & Outputs including a summary of the Cost of Production for each SKU or Batch.

From Sales to Production Orders Including Backorder Task Management.

Have your Sales Team create Sales Invoices, Manage Back-orders, and get full visibility of available inventory Finished Goods or Raw Materials.

All in one place for your Chain of Custody Records & SOP’s.

Efficiently and effectively track raw materials, products, and vendor or client purchasing data through our all-in-one inventory and warehouse management tools.

Real Time Intelligent Shipping Insights

Built in multi-carrier shipping solution with Real-time shipment tracker updates sent via email or SMS, Data-backed optimization, Shipping Insurance, Label printing and Address verification.

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Integrations with popular software

Easily streamline your compliance needs, financial Reporting & operations.