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The Cannabis Cloud ERP

All in One Cannabis Business Tools:

Inventory Management

Chain of Custody Tracking

Order Management

Ecommerce & Fulfilment

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The Seed to Sale Platform built for Cannabis Extractors, Post Processors, Manufacturers & Distributors.

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Manufacturing Playbook SOPs of the Cannabis Industry. Done for you.

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Built in Compliance
Track & Trace Inventory
Yield Optimization Engine

Trusted By The Best In Cannabis

Save Time & Money with Seed to Sale Cloud ERP
Features for Extractors, Post Processors,
Manufacturers & Distributors


Track Every Job like a Pro

Run effective audits across all jobs

Track and Trace your Cannabis Inventory, Production & Processing with automated workflows end to end including insights on Costing, Machine Operations, Production Scheduling & Audit Trail Logs.

Every Job is an SOP Template Spreadsheet Kill Companies

Run Jobs effectively with Done for you Templates or SOPs.

Leverage our “Done for you” formula-based manufacturing process Templates to easily run your Lab in automation mode from biomass extraction to all downstream refinery process.

What does it cost to make? Know your numbers

Bills of Materials (BOM)

Get in depth understanding of all your components of production, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. The components can either be raw materials, semi-finished products, or ingredients. Define fixed and variable labor costs, including consumable costs

Get your techs on the same page with productivity goals.

Employee Time Tracker with Clock-in & Clock-out

Access employee time logs and sync data with Quickbooks. Easily fetch detailed reports of employee productivity based on daily job reports. Get a better understanding of your labor costs by factoring employee input in the production costs.

Recipe Management & Version Control

Build your recipe Playbook

Your recipe is your secret source for success. Log recipes, and manage version controls. Convert your recipes to SOPs, understand costs and run predictable efficient processes on enterprise level software standards.

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