Improving Business Decisions through Sensor Data and Spreadsheet Integration


From left to right: Gerry Dumani (Figgro Co-Founder), Duncan Cameron (SOW Consulting) Tiffany Goldman (CEO THC Health), Danny Richards (Director of Cultivation Operations) Blake Facello (Director of Operations)

Figgro, a leading Cannabis Cloud Platform, has announced a new partnership with THC Health, a renowned vertically integrated Single State Operator with facilities in Colorado to help the company streamline its data collection and analysis process.

THC Health has been operating sophisticated cultivation and processing operations, but the company has been struggling with collecting and collating data from sensors and spreadsheets, which has limited its ability to make more informed business decisions. The lack of data analytics has been particularly significant in the cultivation process, where environmental setpoints need to be graphed in each stage and over the entirety of the plant life cycle.
Through this partnership, Figgro will provide THC Health with cutting-edge data analytics and automation solutions, enabling the company to consolidate data from disparate spreadsheets into one comprehensive picture that can provide actionable insights. This will help THC Health to make better-informed decisions regarding their cultivation and processing operations.

The partnership is expected to drive significant improvements in THC Health’s operations, as it will enable the company to optimize its cultivation and processing processes, leading to better quality cannabis products and increased profitability.

Commenting on the partnership, THC Health’s CEO, Tiffany Goldman, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Figgro. Their expertise in Enterprise Relationship Platforms (ERP) and automation will help us take our operations to the next level. By consolidating data from various sources, we will be able to make more informed business decisions and drive better outcomes for our customers.”

Figgro’s Co-Founder; Gerry Dumani, added, “We are excited to work with THC Health to help them improve their data analytics capabilities. By leveraging our cutting-edge solutions, THC Health will be able to optimize their cultivation and processing operations, resulting in better quality products and increased profitability.”

The partnership between Figgro and THC Health is expected to be a significant step towards leveraging data analytics and automation to optimize cannabis cultivation and processing operations, helping companies like THC Health to stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.

Author: Gerry Dumani

Gerry Dumani

Gerry Dumani is a Co-Founder at Figgro and oversees the company's Product Development , Market Research and Governance. Gerry enjoys leveraging his Technology expertise to help solve everyday challenges for Cannabis Operators.